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History is Still Being Made in Cuenca, Ecuador

Looking back on 2017, we are blown away by the support we have received. Even more so, we are shocked and humbled by the impact that our programs have made in Ecuador, all thanks to YOUR commitment.

Since the “Make Nonprofit History in Ecuador” campaign was launched in March 2017, Hearts of Gold has been able to…

  1. Provide 540 hours of private mentoring hours and program support for our three CAP members: Fundación El Arenal, NOVA, and CETAP-Lucy

  2. Train 20 nonprofits with unique educational opportunities, impacting over 1,000 beneficiaries that they serve

  3. Offered 21 workshops with 84 hours of interactive, specialized education for nonprofit leaders

  4. Get invovled with causes ranging from Children and Families to Education, Nutrition, Cancer, Dogs, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, Special Needs, Health, and Women’s Rights

  5. Build the first network for nonprofits in Ecuador, bringing together 42 community leaders that for the first time ever, have somewhere to turn for personal and professional support

Nonprofit leaders collaborating and embracing creative thinking!

Aside from the numbers, Hearts of Gold has been able to leverage opportunities for collaboration, for the first time ever working with the Chamber of Commerce of Cuenca and, with much excitement, we have signed a 5-year contract with the University of Cuenca which will support the CAP program, investigation and research, and give our partners access to abundant resources through specialized projects. We have been able to apply for and gift a $10,000 grant to one of our CAP participants, Proyecto Saman, which will resolve the living situation of four families that were victims of the 2016 earthquake through 2 new homes and 2 home repairs.

Thanks to your support, we unveiled our first annual nonprofit conference entitled “Somos el Cambio” (“We are the Changemakers”), which brought together 22 nonprofit and business professionals for a full-day of learning and networking. We offered 4 workshops focused in the theme of communication, fostering a primary weakness area for the majority of our nonprofit partners, and for the first time ever integrating the nonprofit and business community in a professional setting.

Our journey together to Make Nonprofit History in Ecuador has only just begun. We are excited to unveil new and improved programs and services in our CAP program in 2018, providing more access to even more nonrprofits in Ecuador. We are filled with gratitude that you are able to accompany us on this journey of growth as we become a pioneer for Ecuadorian nonprofits and truly break ground to build stronger, more sustainable leaders and nonprofits in Ecuador.

This is history in the making.

You are ambassadors for change.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you for believing in us and for maintaining your commitment to this important work.

Nonprofit leaders networking to build stronger community connections

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