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Educating Communities from the Heart

We feel that education is the best tool for building a more equitable and supportive society, as well as being the strongest weapon to change the world.

We are happy to be the only and pioneer organization in the community assistance program in order to educate leaders of nonprofit organizations on sustainability and sustainability issues. All the great results achieved so far are thanks to your contribution and trust.

During this period with our Community Assistance Program, many goals have been achieved, we have opened the third year of the 100% practical community assistance program, before starting the practical part we evaluated our partner organizations in all areas to see if there is balance and good management in the concepts already learned, based on those results we are sure that not only should the mind be educated but we must also educate the heart, this is why this period with our partners 2019: Nova, El Arenal, Kallpa Warmi, Osso, Cetap Lucy and Soup kitchen, we have provided soul education workshops, giving a training in Tapping and alternative therapies so that they learn new techniques starting with taking care of the personal and emotional side of each staff member so that they can then work collectively to serve and educate the beneficiaries of organizations.

This year we have been able to work with LIBRE foundation from Europe, they have worked with us for 3 consecutive years educating community leaders, offering a full week conference on Leadership and Communication. This year we have been able to host 20 new organizations for training, this workshop was quite practical and lasted for 40 hours.

We have also offers mentoring hours to NOVA, monitoring and training them on how to use social media correctly and also preparing them for their fundraising campaign.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HEART OF GOLD , and allowing us to extend our hand to create a better world. Together we are the change!

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