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Empower a Nonprofit, Change a Community!

CAP members united to grow in their leadership!

Another three months later and we cannot believe how much YOU have made possible. We are honored to be the only organization in Ecuador training and empowering nonprofits and their leaders! We are proud of the progress seen thus far in the Community Assistance Program (CAP) and we are excited to continue seeing it grow.

As many of you know, the CAP program works with nonprofits across the Azuay province and beyond. We offer educational workshops, motivational dialogues, networking events, and mentoring hours for nonprofits who want to work on themselves and G R O W as an organization. While our programs are open to any and all nonprofits, the sponsored full-time members of the program are OSSO, NOVA, CETAP-Lucy, Kallpa Warmi, and OSSO.

How does the program work for members? Each of these organizations is required to participate in every activity, follow up with mentoring hours to ensure that the lessons learned are being put to work, and be evaluated quarterly.

So what have we been up to lately?

In September we hosted our second annual nonprofit conference, Somos el Cambio (We are the Changemakers)! We opened up this opportunity to the wider community in order to bring nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and businesses together! The workshops focused on pressing issues in communications and marketing. Often times we forget that nonprofits operate just the same as any business, and thus require many of the same skills! The area of marketing and communications is one area where participants can share information and skills. We were very lucky to have had 5 nationally renowned experts join us as speakers for this day of learning and motivation!

We also hosted our third nonprofit networking event of the year, where leaders and activists can come together to connect and share advice or lessons learned. We love to see our fellow leaders socialize with one another and find new ways to connect. Our philosophy is to collaborate – not compete – with other nonprofits!

Most recently, we hosted a 4-hour workshop on Program Design and Evaluation. This gave us an opportunity to share important lessons on how to track an organization’s progress, impact, and effectiveness of programs. We were delighted to have 5 local organizations participate.

We would like to send a heart felt thank you to YOU – our Hearts of Gold family – for maintaining your commitment to this project.

As always, stay tuned for more info!

Participants of the Somos el Cambio Conference

Women leaders are at the forefront in Ecuador

Networking is priceless!

Students working at Program Evaluation workshop

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