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About Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold is an Ecuadorian nonprofit founded  in 2013  by expats Richard & Sheryle Verkley as a connection between the expat and local community to work together to create a lasting change in vulnerable populations . 

With 10 years of service in our community, Hearts of Gold has developed a unique and effective way to serve the community.  By emphasising local resources and capabilities, Hearts of Gold applies a holistic approach through our Community Assistance Programs to help shift power to the people, helping them reach their potential.


Over the years Hearts of Gold has also been apart of a diverse  set of community initiatives.  From helping to open the first food bank in partnership with the Province of Azuay, to language exchange classes with the City of Cuenca, and crisis relief after the 2017 earthquake and 2020 Covid pandemic, Hearts of Gold has served as a bridge between national and international organisations and businesses.

Our Goals

Create Economic Empowerment Opportunities for 50 Women 

Increase Donations & Impact  Across All Our Programs

Educate 100 Non Profit Organisations 

The Heart of The Matter

We believe that it’s time for people,  businesses, institutions and networks – wherever they are, big and small – who care about inclusion, dignity and unity, to work together for an Ecuador in which top-down meets bottom-up.  


We work to foster the skills and abilities of individuals and community support organisations, through training, alliance building and economic empowerment, in order to reach their maximum potential; guaranteeing their overall development.


We believe in an Ecuador where every individual enjoys
a life of dignity, hope, and empowerment.


  • Responsibility

  • Respect

  • Solidarity

  • Empathy

  • Fairness

  • Transparency

  • Inclusion

Latest News

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