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Empower Ecuadorian Women to Elevate their Communities

We truly believe in this mantra, and that is why we are taking our community leader training  to the next level. This past year alone, You’ve helped us support 59 nonprofit leaders impacting over 3,000 lives  right here in Cuenca… Did you know that 93% of the leaders responsible for this impact were women?

Now imagine for a moment if we could bring more women into the fold? If we could support even more aspiring Ecuadorian female leaders… what could be possible?

Magic – that’s what!  Or in another sense, more positive social change for women, their families and society as a whole.

Our answer to this is simply called “Mirame”- a powerful call to action literally meaning “watch me” in Spanish

Mírame is a new project that will focus on empowering Ecuadorian women through access to education and training, mentoring, networking, and competitive access to micro-funding for social initiatives.

You may be wondering, how exactly will Hearts of Gold empower women?

We’ve taken the voice of women from the community – nonprofit leaders, mothers, daughters, educators, business professionals, indigenous women – and transformed their words and goals into a program: Mirame…

Mirame VIVIR // Watch me LIVE…

Mirame LUCHAR // Watch me STRIVE…

Mirame TRIUNFAR // Watch me SUCCEED!

What will this program do exactly? Let’s break it down:

With a donation of $25 to the Mirame project, you can help us reach our $8,000 goal and provide the following services to the community:

  1. Provide a full-year of self-development and empowerment dialogue circles to the wider community – a community full of aspiring female leaders who are seeking support to make their dreams come true. We will also be the first to welcome men into these circles to speak inclusively.

  2. Research. Using our partnership with University of Cuenca, Mirame will launch investigation projects where university students will research pressing issues that women face in Ecuador. This research and fieldwork will help us to best serve the Ecuadorian women and the challenges they face.

  3. Networking and Support Groups. Mirame will serve as the only inclusive, in-person women’s network in Cuenca, bringing together women from all social sectors and paths of life to share knowledge and experiences, and provide a support network that encourages making connections, and generating professional opportunities….

  4. Start a mentoring program where women in the community can pair up with an expert to receive personal and professional support. This mentoring program would be strategically structured to bring together women based on their goals, field of interest, and skills they are looking to learn.

  5. Provide CAP scholarships to 4 leaders from two nonprofits – organizations run by women, serving women. These scholarships will give female leaders the opportunity to receive education and mentoring that will help them better serve the beneficiaries of their missions, and make their organizations more sustainable in the long-run.

We have even bigger dreams. In the competition for a scholarship position in 2018 Girls Fund hosted by Global Giving, we are currently in the top ten. YOU can help us win a place in the top 4, and in doing so, win an extra $24,000 in funds! All you have to do is “vote” for our project by making a contribution. Each donation gets us closer to developing even more impactful programs in Mirame:

  1. Micro-Funding. The goal of Mirame is to see women live, strive, and succeed. Our competitive micro-funding opportunities will allow women who have gone through our capacity building program for nonprofits (CAP) to  be able to apply for micro-funding that can launch their new social initiatives, or bring existing programs to the forefront. The number of funds disbursed is dependent upon Mirame’s acceptance into the 2018 Girls Fund.

  2. Dialogues that are inclusive of men. While our direct goal is to empower women whose voices have been marginalized, the role of men is critical. We will design programs that incorporate men alongside their mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues, and friends, because after all, women can’t go this alone.

  3. Host our first annual Women’s Summit, bringing together aspiring female leaders, entrepreneurs, and members of the community to make a monumental day of knowledge, lessons, and connections.

  4. Generate the first multi-issue network of women’s institutions – including areas of entrepreneurship, gender violence, and more!

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