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Mirame Initiative Empowers Women Leaders

This last part of the year has a lot in store for the Mírame program and we’re excited to announce big developments for our grassroots-led women’s empowerment model in Ecuador.

Everyday we’ve been working to contribute to the betterment of women and their livelihoods in Ecuador through the Mírame initiative. To us, that means working through an empowerment model where women leaders in Ecuador can connect with other Ecuadorian women to improve their lives through an exchange of resources and education.

On November 30th Mírame is leading a women’s conference “Machi Kuyén” (Moon Healer in Mapuche, a native Andean language) along with 3 other women-led and woman’s service-oriented groups; Pachamama, SisaKisma and Tierra.

This 6-hour conference unites traditional women’s empowerment workshops with Andean ancestral wisdom traditions, and focuses on providing support to women throughout the 4 renowned stages of a woman’s life cycle: Maidenhood, Motherhood, Womanhood, Elder. In the local Andean traditions, these phases are symbolized ancestrally by the changing phases of the moon.

“Machi Kuyén” will represent each phase of a woman’s lifecycle with a focused workshop and discussion, and is proud to involve established woman leaders to guide each workshop in their specific area of expertise.

Here is an (English!) outline of the program and leadership for our exciting pilot event:

  1. The Maiden: Makeup & Self-Esteem- Using Our Reflection to Reconnect with Ourselves”. Led by Gabriela Ormaza, (Leader of Pachamama, La Leche League Azuay, and Registered UDSA Earth Guardian) & Fernanda Serrano from FerSerrano Makeup.

  2. The Mother: Raising Children with Love”. Led by Daysi Arcos, (Masters in Family Education & Conscious Parenting Expert).

  3. The Healer: Integrating Healing with Our Menstrual Cycles” Led by Gabriela Pinos (Leader of SisaKisma cosmetics, and DeviYoni gynecological health products)

  4. The Wise Women: Walking the Path of the Ancient Grandmother”. Led by Virgina Umbre (Licensed Professional Psychologist, Ancestral Medicine Healer, and Leader of Tierra)

This event is a first-glimpse into our outreach to the broader women’s community in Ecuador and we’re excited to see what’s in store.

Mírame’s “big audacious goal” with this event is to set the stage for a larger Women’s Leadership Conference in March in honor of International Women’s Day, and to ultimately open up more Ecuadorian women to receive the tools and resources already existing in their own community for improved life crisis management, greater personal empowerment, and increased autonomy.

Thank you so much for your support and continued belief in Mírame’s grassroots work to mobilize women-led groups to empower Ecuadorian women. We recognize your generosity and commitment and are honored to serve your vision to improve the livelihood and opportunities available for our Ecuadorian sisters on a local, grassroots level.

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