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Community Assistance Program in 2017

Hearts of Gold is excited to announce the growth of the Community Assistance Program (CAP) in the 2017 year! As many of our supporters know, the Community Assistance Program (previously known as the Partner Agency Program) is our primary platform to partner with grassroots organizations in Ecuador (see the infographic above for how it works!). We will continue to support and invest in these organizations and their leaders, but are looking forward to launching a new element of the CAP in the new year.

In 2017 the Community Assistance Program will grow to include a series of workshops and dialogues for leading community change makers. We believe that by supporting the leaders of these organizations, we can have a long-term impact on the organization and the communities they serve. While we will continue to support the programs of our partners in the CAP, we hope that will a focus on capacity building that these leaders and change makers can leave an infinite mark on the populations in need in their communities.

The development of the Community Assistance Program in 2017 moves forward with two primary goals :

  1. Through dialogues sessions with directors of local community based organizations, we hope to build a network of nonprofits that can listen to one another and support each other in their advocacy work;

  2. Through skills-building workshops with nonprofit professionals and community leaders we hope to empower community leaders and strengthen their skills that are necessary for their development and sustainability  for their organizations.

If you’re interested in supporting the CAP click here to learn more and make a donation. If you’d like to get involved as a facilitator of a dialogue or workshop, send us an email!

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