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This Little Angel Is Melissa Pesantez & She Needs Your Help

Melissa is 11 years old.

She is unable to speak,  sit, or hold her own little body upright, so she spends most of her day laying down.

She was born with a brain malformation (lissencephaly)  that has caused an almost vegetative state.  Her disease will occasionally cause her to have daily seizures.

Despite her reality, Melissa is very intelligent and “realizes everything, absolutely everything around her.”

In March 2015 her brain malformation caused her to stop eating through her mouth and she dropped down to a scary 17 kilos.

Doctors told Melissa’s parents that angels like Melissa only had a limited lifespan on this planet and they should not go against nature and God.

Despite the initial refusal of her doctor, Melissa was operated on.  She now feeds through a tube and weights 22 kilos, which her parents consider a blessing. “She’s a beautiful angel that we have and if we can do anything to have her on our side, we will.”

Today Melissa needs our help.

Her parents Diego and Viviana have reached out to our community here in Cuenca for help, “We love her a lot and we ask you to help us with the wheelchair she needs,  it is very expensive and no one in our country carries it. Melissa’s illness is hunching her column and this gives her great pain. This specialized wheelchair can help stop her bone deformation and other worse complications in the course of her life.  We do not want to see her suffer and would be very grateful for all the help given to our child.”

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