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Juguetes Para Los Ninos, “Toys for the Children”

Imagine you are an Ecuadorian child in a tiny mountain village. It’s early Christmas eve. It’s quiet as you play kick-ball with a stone wall as your adversary. Suddenly, several SUVs emerge from the narrow, muddy road (the only way to get to the village) and park in the town square. With wry smiles, strangers get out of each car and open their SUV’s rear cargo door. Inside each vehicle is a mountain of toys stacked to the roof.

The strangers start removing toys and holding them out – one by one – as if to say, “Here, it’s for you.”

You cautiously approach them and take a toy truck from one of their hands. Stunned, you dash off with your new prize and disappear down a narrow pathway. Within moments, children and their parents come running into the square from every direction, each child getting a toy of their own from these mysterious Papa Noel’s (Santa Clauses).

Within minutes, it’s a scene of crazy jubilation. Kids playing with and sharing their toys. Parents and Papa Noels grinning from ear to ear and embracing. It’s the Christmas that wasn’t going to be!

Hearts of Gold is proud to partner with Grace Ordonez for The 20th Anniversary of  her toy drive for Ecuadorian children in mountain villages.

This year, donating toys and “giving with Grace” will be even easier – and way more fun.

There are 4 ways to Get Involved:

  1. Join the Toy Donation Party on Nov. 12th. Click here for more info

  2. Drop a toy off at Grace’s Office until Dec.16th. Click here for more info

  3. Bring a toy to Hearts of Gold’s Grinchmas Gala on Dec.1st and receive a free complimentary cocktail

  4. Can’t make it to the party? Donate online below to the toy drive to help Grace buy any “missing toys”

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