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The Cookie Parade Book Project for Earthquake Relief

Hearts of Gold is delighted to share the development of The Cookie Parade Project, a volunteer-pioneered bilingual children’s book created to emotionally and financially support the victims of the Ecuador’s April 2016 earthquake.

We are happy to share a special note from Katy Rovetto, a dedicated volunteer and writer of the heartfelt children’s book, The Cookie Parade.

After the devastating earthquake of April 16, 2016, the idea came to send homemade cookies to those on the Ecuadorian coast who lost so much. After all, cookies have a way of lighting up a sorrowful face with a smile. Nearly 3,500 cookies were sent to the coast from the efforts of many caring people in Cuenca. That’s how The Cookie Parade book came into being.

Click below to contribute to the Cookie Parade Project for Earthquake Relief.

The bilingual children’s book offers you the story, wonderful watercolor pictures, as well as, heartfelt drawings by some of the children. The book includes many other aspects surrounding the terrible terremoto, such as safety tips in the event of a seismic event and how to prepare for, and what to do during an earthquake. We also acknowledge the nations that came with humanitarian aid for Ecuador.

Further, from the sales and contributions to this project, it is our desire to provide The Cookie Parade book to children on the coast to help them reconcile the tragedy they experienced. Two drawing pages are included in the book, which will allow them to express their feelings of having their lives radically changed by an event that lasted less than two minutes. Recognizing that our world is experiencing many disasters, it is our desire to help replace feelings of hopelessness with comforting love, peace, and the courage to know that “though we are constantly knocked down, we are not destroyed.” [i]

The Cookie Parade Project joins in solidarity with the non-profit foundation of Hearts of Gold in contributing to the financial aid of the coastal families who were severely affected by the 7.8 earthquake of April 16, 2016.  We stand with the Ecuadorian community in helping to make a difference in the lives of those who fell into harm’s way.

Now, with your donation, you, too, can leave a welcomed touch on the hearts of Ecuador.

To make a donation to Earthquake Relief efforts on the coast of Ecuador in the name of The Cookie Parade, Click “Donate” Below.


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