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The Cookie Parade Book Project

Hearts of Gold is delighted to share the development of The Cookie Parade Project, a volunteer-pioneered bilingual children’s book created to emotionally and financially support the victims of the Ecuador’s April 2016 earthquake.

“The Cookie Parade Project, Helping Children” was featured in Cuenca Expats Magazine’s 14th Issue


Placing a copy of The Cookie Parade with its Safety Guidelines, in a single reader’s hands, or even in the hands of an entire classroom of readers, has two great benefits:

1 – The reader(s) can feel the embrace of a heartwarming story with its wonderful watercolor art; and

2 – The full value of your donation goes to help rebuild families on the coast of Ecuador.

Exceptional Donor perks are available for your special gift. A suggested donation of:

  1. $12 provides you with a personal copy of the The Cookie Parade.

  2. $20 provides two copies of the The Cookie Parade.

  3. $100 provides 10 copies of the The Cookie Parade.

  4. $180 provides 20 copies of the The Cookie Parade.

  5. $225 provides 25 copies of the The Cookie Parade.

Your gift of any amount is greatly appreciated to help children on the coast of Ecuador reconcile the tragedy they experienced. Two drawing pages are also included in the book, which will allow them to express their feelings of having their lives radically changed by an event that lasted less than two minutes.

Now, with your donation, you, too, can leave a welcomed touch on the hearts of Ecuador.

To make a donation to Earthquake Relief efforts on the coast of Ecuador in the name of The Cookie Parade, Click “Donate” Below.


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