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T-Shirt Sales Provides Funds for Hearts of Gold

In March 2022, we requested donations for five charities: Mujeres Con Exito, Hogar Esperanza, Hearts of Gold, Cuenca Soup Kitchen, and Helping Kids in Ecuador. For a donation of $20 or more, donors were given one of two T-Shirts – the Kolo design or the Cathedral Domes design. The service providers at these Charities are heroes. In addition, the donors are heroes. Thanks go to all of you for creating a fundraising success.

On June 1st, the donations representing 221 T-shirts were distributed to four of the five charities in the amount of $886 per charity. Helping Kids in Ecuador will receive their donations when they return from a trip in the USA, next week. Bill, Des, Smith, Maria Jose, Sally, David, Diana, Valaria, Bill “Bush”, Garry, and Leita attended the distribution luncheon. In total $4428+ in donations are being distributed. That said, there are 29 T-shirts still available for donations – 4 large with the Kolo design, 16 large with the Cathedral Domes design, and 9 X-large with the Cathedral Domes Design. Donations for these T-Shirts will be distributed at a later date. If you would like a T-shirt, we would be glad to meet you by appointment, or we can be found at either Kolo or Sunrise Cafe most mornings. Contact, Sally Delores Hart: .

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