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A spiring story of a brave Woman!

Veronica's story is an inspiring testimony of strength, perseverance and unconditional love for her family. At the age of 16, Veronica became a mother for the first time, facing the challenge of being a teen mom. This early responsibility brought her life full circle, forcing her to mature quickly and assume a leadership role in her family. Veronica is a feisty woman, who with a lot of effort has managed to raise her three children as a single mother.

Despite the difficulties, she has always maintained a positive and determined attitude, constantly looking for ways to improve her family's life. Her childhood was not easy, but Veronica cherishes the memories of playing with her brother. She has three siblings in total, the loss of one of them profoundly marked her life, but she moved on, determined to create a better future for herself and her children. For years, Veronica lived in rented apartments, facing numerous challenges such as a ban on pets, discrimination against her children by landlords and high utility costs. However, her life changed when she received support from the Hearts of Gold Foundation. Thanks to D'ellas Cleaning Service, Veronica has acquired new skills and is becoming more financially independent every day. With determination, she made the decision to build her own home with the savings accumulated from her work. Despite facing challenges during construction, such as lack of detailed planning, shortages of building materials and professional labor, as well as the absence of a solid foundation and basic services such as electricity and water, she has managed to build a structure with planks and a tin roof.

Today, Veronica lives with her children in her own home, facing some needs but with the hope of building little by little a safer and more comfortable space. Veronica is a great role model for other women: ¨nothing is impossible if you work with effort and dedication.¨ With the motivation and inspiration of her children, Veronica continues to move forward, proving that a mother's love can overcome any obstacle and achieve great results. Her story is a powerful reminder of the importance of perseverance and determination in the pursuit of a better life for oneself and those we love.

         Veronica T. 39 años

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