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Happy Endings Are Possible – Thanks to YOU!

Great News Everyone!!

Thanks to your kindness and support, Maria Hidalgo has a new place to call home and has been reunited with her 5 children after more than a month of separation.

Your generous contributions have helped the family overcome abuse and disparity by recovering their stability and a belief in a positive future. Your donations have also gone to purchase basic food goods for the family and to provide a place to call home for the next 12 months! Thanks to you they’ve been given the incredible gift of security.

Your compassion for the family has also provided for basic house furnishings such as a bed frame, a mattress, a set of sheets and pillows, blankets, a plastic kitchen table and a set of chairs, in addition to covering the mobilization costs for Maria’s children to attend the Fundacion el Arenal’s nutritional lunch program and afterschool study program following classes.

In-kind donations from local supporters were also considerable, and we thank you for the extra blankets, shampoo, plates, children’s toys, clothes and stuffed animals you so readily gave.

Your outpouring of generosity and support makes us proud to count YOU as part of our community who Give Without Borders. Thanks to you, our hero’s, Maria had the courage to make the right decision to stand up and protect her family. She serves as an inspiration to many other local women looking to make the right choice to stop domestic violence.

Further information and photo’s regarding this update have been submitted to the Hearts of Gold Foundation from the Fundacion El Arenal via a formal report, shown below.

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New to Maria’s story? Click here  to read from the beginning about her heartbreaking case.

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