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Did you know Hearts of Gold did this?

Thanks to the support of this incredibly generous community, did you know that Hearts of Gold collaborates with an average of 5 Ecuadorian nonprofit partners and 12 grassroots community-led initiatives per year? Or that Hearts of Gold has increased fund distribution to our partners each year by 130%?

Your contributions to Hearts of Gold provide local change makers access to quality resources, comprehensive, active engagement in programs and full on networking support.

But more importantly, it shows grassroots leaders that their hard work, dedicated service to others, and unyielding determination will be rewarded.

Thank you for helping support Proyecto Saman, the Cookie Parade Project, CETAP Lucy, Fundacion El Arenal, la Escuela de Inclusion NOVA, and many other grassroots initiatives thriving under the Hearts of Gold umbrella in 2016! Your support makes all the difference

You guys ROCK and we’re super excited to collaborate with you again to help more community efforts in 2017!

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