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April Dreams That Have Came True!- Thanks to YOU!

Carlos, Gustavo, and Tomás are three brothers who enjoy spending their time playing with each other when they don't have to study. They keep each other company while their mom goes to work in the afternoons; their dad doesn't live with them since he had to migrate in search of a job that would allow them to have a better future.

This past Christmas, Carlos wished to receive a remote control car as a gift so that he could play with his brothers however, he couldn't receive it. He talked to us and told us that what he desires most in life is to have that car and that he wanted to share it with his younger brothers. He also said that he was willing to save a few coins to buy it.

But Karla, a kind sponsor of #AllChildrenDeserveToDream heard his story and decided to make this dream come true She not only gave Carlos the car he had been wishing for, but she also gave two more to his brothers so they could have competitions among themselves In addition to this, she gave them soccer balls and a delicious order of McDonald's hamburgers for each of them.

Carlos couldn't hold back the tears when he saw all these surprises and with his hands over his eyes, he said, "this is better than any Christmas dream" (our eyes also filled with tears)

Thanks to this beautiful sponsor for giving happiness and hope to these three little boys.

Just like these three brothers, we have hundreds of children with beautiful dreams that we would like to fulfill.

If you wish to be part of one of them or want to contribute something to fulfill them, you can contact us, and we will tell you about all the dreams that you could make come true

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