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An Important Announcement: Proyecto Saman

“On April 16, 2016 a massive 7.8 earthquake ravaged the northern Ecuadorian coastline and Canoa, a small tourist village in the province of Manabí, was almost completely destroyed…Those who were not trapped beneath concrete slabs, support beams, electrical poles and other heavy objects, grabbed their children and raced barefoot to the hills of Río Canoa to escape a possible tsunami…Many people found solace in the trees and bushes of the jungle forest and turned back to see Canoa crumble before their eyes as propane tanks exploded and their homes and businesses came crashing to the ground. ..Out of the dust and desperation, the chaos and confusion … Proyecto Samán was born.” –Sarah Hanen Bauer, Saman Project Coordinator

Those who attended A Midsummer Night got to see firsthand where your generous contributions have been going when we played the Proyecto Saman video. Now we are releasing this heartfelt video to everyone so that you have a chance to watch for yourself, or watch again, to see and feel where your money is going.  This video will let you see firsthand what your dollars and prayers have been supporting.

While our event was an enchanting night of fun and festivity, many from our event commented that they wanted to contribute online. If you are still wishing to complete a pledge to support the incredible Saman project, you may make a contribution online here. Despite the overwhelming generosity of individuals such as yourself, the Saman Project will need to continue seeking donations to fund the project for the next two years.

Thank you for your generosity and for joining us at A Midsummer Night in solidarity for the people of Canoa. The Saman Project could not be a reality without your support.

Sincerely, your partner in community change,


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