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A Note from Natasha: August at Hearts of Gold

One of the most important things to learn is when to rest and be kind to yourself. This is one of the hardest things to master when you’re in the service of others.  One more email, one more phone call, one more long night can and does make a difference, however, what about balance?  When do you take a moment to pause and reflect when you are already on to the next hurtle? This is where the reminder to be kind to yourself comes in. Everyone needs space. Space is the calm before the storm, it allows one to reflect and digest on past events in order to move forward clearer and calmer than before.

Hearts of Gold has had another big year. I’m told it’s to be expected for an organization entering, just its third year, of being a Fundacion this October.  To say that life is full of surprises, as many of you know, is an understatement.

They say there is what you plan for and then there is life, or what happens when you’re busy making plans. The earthquake of April 16th happened while Hearts of Gold was making plans. The earthquake stretched us beyond our comfort zone of Cuenca and challenged us to respond to a natural disaster- something we had never done before. For us there was no choice- we had to respond, our hearts cried out and so did our communities. The support we received was nothing short of amazing and allowed us to mobilize an unprecedented level of support to help the children and families affected by the earthquake.  The last 4 months have flown by and accumulated in two events; one in Cuenca and our very first in Salinas. It wasn’t till after the last event that the team had a chance to catch their breath; it was now time to reflect and look towards the future.

Hearts of Gold has been lucky enough to have the services of Mike Herron, a former non-profit leader, and Samantha Goldstein, a masters candidate in Organizational Psychology, to help facilitate a set of strategic development workshops where the whole team was able to pause and reflect on the job that has been done while focusing on what needs to be accomplished moving forward. To say that this help was a godsend is a vast understatement. Taking this time to focus and move forward collectively with strategic goals that advance our mission of helping our community will pay dividends to all those that Hearts helps. We are grateful for having the time to take care of ourselves as a foundation so that we may better, more strategically take care of others.

Thank you to the Hearts of Gold community for your ongoing support as we grow together to support the country that has graciously welcomed us into their homes. Here is to another year of growth and hard work.

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