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You fill our hearts with love!

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn ”.- Benjamin Franklin.

During this period, NOVA has grown significantly, applying all the skills learned from the community assistance program. It has been possible to make a good strategic planning for the whole year, including the educational needs that we have, projecting to a quality continuous education, in which the child lives and creates his own work rhythm.

This year Nova with all the recreational, art and social activities were aimed at the theme of family, focused on the importance of care, love and respect to those around us.

As all the camp was carried out, this activity aims first to offer the possibility for children, youth and teachers to live together, to know a different environment from the one they live in and to appreciate that diversity, rediscovering the link with others.

Nova this year focused on the realization of its website that, together with the volunteers from Germany and Austria, could be carried out, so that the next school period can give access and knowledge to all parents.

With the mentoring in marketing they were able to turn the Facebook page into a fanpage, create a new corporate image, and discover new communication channels. Applying what was learned in the community assistance program, fundraising could be carried out through self-management with a garage sale and on the day of the child the search for the treasure with the Easter bunny, opening the general public with a cost of income. With the volunteers from Germany and Austria we were able to carry out self-assessments and long-term work with time management, a farewell for them was also organized.

To end the school year, the Open House was planned with different themes for each level, the entire community participated in a dynamic and creative way. Together with the parents, teachers were entertained for teacher’s day, recalling the importance of teachers in the lives of each of the children.

Nova also started its INNOVA program, which consists of providing a training space for manual and practical skills for adolescents who are excluded by the educational system due to their intellectual and physical condition.

The stage of the current project and at the beginning, are now raising funds, to implement the necessary materials to give better attention, we look forward to the next period and to distribute our first works of our children.

Nova is a family that thinks about the family, we want to send love and our deepends gratefulness for standing next to us on this school year!

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