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You are making the difference!

During this period, OSSO has been able to achieve and fulfill many objectives, providing quality care to each of the children and teenagers that are part of the orphanage.

We want to tell you that thanks to each one of your kind contributions, children with disabilities remain in treatment with medication and oxygen, improving muscle movement. In addition to decreasing spasticity, thanks to relaxation techniques we have been able to see how they improve their entire body.

Osso, has been able to create alliances with private companies, asking for donations of mobilization cranes. They have been already installed and our children are using them: This allows them to mobilize from one area to another.

OSSO has also benefited from  the collaboration of volunteers from the United States, which have been an important contribution in strategic planning since they have proposed new objectives and activities for children and teenagers with severe disabilities. The most important thing is that they offer a big support to the staff.

We want to thank each one of you because through your heart felt contribution we can permanently support with medications and hygiene materials, which have improved the quality of life for children with disabilities.

We want to invite you, to help us spread this great project so that more people join this cause. Since there are many needs for children, we need to cover many expenses since it is a 24-hour care project, during the 7 days of the week .

We invite you to stay tuned, new projects are coming!

Once again, thank you for your big heart and trust to this organization, you are making a big difference!

Together we are the change!

You are Hearts of gold!

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