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Volunteer for Earthquake Relief

Dear friends,

Hearts of Gold is working along with Brigada Surfistas por un Techo, Colectivo Madre Tierra, Fundacion Nobis, San Sebas Café and Yakumama Lounge to help establish a Canoa Relief Camp. We are looking for some volunteers to help with our Earthquake relief project in Canoa, in the following activities:

  1. Contacting businesses, domestic and/or international, for item donations

  2. Online research

  3. Quoting and buying needed supplies

  4. Summer Event volunteers for earthquake relief fundraising

  5. Transporting goods/people to the coast (one time or multiple times)

  6. Setting up the camp

  7. Promoting camp efforts: writing updates, PR assistance, fundraising & fundraising event help

  8. Medical and holistic medicine volunteers

  9. Experienced counselors

  10. Future need– Workshop volunteers in: cooking, art, education

If you are interested in helping with any of the activities above, please contact Please keep in mind this is an ongoing project and we’ll be contacting different types of volunteers at different stages of the project.

We thank you so much for your generous heart and your contribution of time and services to help bring shelter, security and hope to traumatized families on the Coast.

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