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Hearts of Gold Earns Acceptance Of Worlds Largest Charity Crowdfunding Community

We are excited to share with our supporters, volunteers, and community that Hearts of Gold has received the endorsement of GlobalGiving, an internationally recognized crowdfunding organization, allowing us the opportunity to broaden our reach throughout the world.

The acceptance by GlobalGiving will allow Hearts of Gold to initiate a fundraising drive across a variety platforms to reach donors and companies from around the world.  We had to pass a rigorous vetting to be able to place our campaigns on the Global Giving website.  We are very proud that GlobalGiving was able to see the value of the work of the foundation and its dedicated volunteers in the Ecuadorian community!

About GlobalGiving:

  1. The only fundraising platform that offers 501(c)(3) charitable tax deductions of any amount.

  2. Uses a process to fully vet every nonprofit in their community, so people can give donations having complete trust.

  3. Provides the local organizations (Hearts of Gold) the tools, training, and support they need to become more effective.

  4. Since 2002, Global Giving has helped raise more than $253M from 573,606 people like you, who’ve supported 16,222 projects in  165 countries.

  5. Contributions can be made by credit or debit card or other payment methods and as a one-time or monthly gift.

Did you know that 75% of nonprofits in Ecuador close in a 3 year period? This means that communities lose the critical care they need at an alarming rate. This happens because most organizations have a lack of resources and nowhere to turn for help.

Hearts of Gold is working to transform this reality and make nonprofit history in Ecuador and we need your help!

Throughout March, Hearts of Gold will be having a public campaign on our new GlobalGiving website.

Our starting goal is to raise $5,600, to support Fundación El Arenal and CETAP-Lucy in our Community Assistance Program (CAP).  They will receive over 315 hours of assistance in workshops, mentoring, dialogues & networking opportunities for a full year.

In order for Hearts of Gold to qualify for additional benefits from GlobalGiving, such as tools, training and additional support, we must raise $5,000 of that goal.    

Learn more about how Global Giving utilizes your donation to help Hearts of Gold here.                

We are very excited for this opportunity and look forward to partnering with YOU to make Nonprofit history in Ecuador.

The campaign will launch on Monday, March 13, so be sure to look for more information on our Facebook Page, in the online Community bulletins and  by following this link:


To learn more about Global Giving, click here:


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