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Guardian Angels Needed: 2 Fun Ways to Volunteer

CETAP-Lucy Morning Volunteer Needed

Spend a few mornings a week with the children from the rural community of Chilcabampa and help out by teaching them English and organizing other fun activities. You can visit CETAP-Lucy’s oasis of learning for these special needs children and become an incredible part of their lives for just a few hours a week.

CETAP-Lucy is located a short 5-10 minutes bus/taxi ride away from Cuenca. For more information about this fun opportunity to work directly with Hearts of Gold’s supported children, please email Eric Fraterman at: or send us an email at

Photo Credit: Frances Hogg Lochow

Volunteers Teaching Informal English to Urban Youth

Join our innovated Language Integration Program Hearts of Gold co-designed with the City of Cuenca to teach at-risk urban children the value of English. We’re looking for 3 more native English speaking volunteers to pair up with current volunteers to lead informal language learning 2 days a week, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:00pm (3 hours a week total). All learning materials will be provided

If you are interested partnering with other volunteers to encouraging at-risk youths the value of English in fun and informal ways, please message

Photo Credit: Ale & Tom Vye

Coming Soon! – Activity Day with Teens from Fundacion El Arenal – Sat. March 12

Our first activity of the year with the teens from Fundacion El Arenal will take place on Saturday, March 12. We’re looking for a handful of volunteers that would like to be a part of a few hours of relay games and exercise fun in a local park with our spirited teens. If you’re interested in a chance to play like a youngin’ or encourage healthy activities from the sideline, email us

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