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Growing Stronger!

Giving and drawing smiles has become a high-impact program, due to the initiative to act against social differences and contribute to improving the lives of girls, boys, teenagers and families in Ecuador. Thanks to each one of your contributions we can make this dream a reality. Thanks to your generous heart of gold we can create new smiles with hopes for a fair and happy future.

In this course of time, we have been able to create new connections and alliances with private and public companies for our “Giving Smile” program, with the initiative of generating an impact through all the axes of action to build a more just and solidary society. During these months of management and hard work of Hearts of Gold, the central committee of parents of the SANTANA school, “NINA- RESTO BAR” and “VICE ALCALDIA DE CUENCA”, companies with high recognition at the local level, have joined this project.

We started our campaign to collect school supplies, with the initiative of being able to give children educational materials so that they can start classes in this new school period. With the collaboration of the central committee of parents of the SANTANA school, we started with the “donate your book” campaign in which we were able to collect more than 50 educational books with the goal of motivating children in reading as it helps to develop the capacity for concentration and memory. It improves oral and written language, stimulates imagination and creativity. We were able to deliver teaching and recreational work materials to CETAP-LUCY-NOVA AND EL ARENAL, in order to provide better service to the community.

We want to share with you that a new private company with social responsibility initiative NINA RESTO-BAR, joins the initiative to give and draw smiles on children. Starting November, five children will be rewarded for their improvements in school and good behavior with a delicious meal and a tour at this beautiful venue. This initiative is not only to reward the children achievements, but also to encourage and teach them that with efforts and hard work you can achieve your dreams, and through these businesses be agents of inspiration for the community.

Through the “Giving Smiles” program, it is amazing to see how we can build dreams in children through the creation of a world of smiles. Thanks to this program we were able to make an alliance with a group of young people “EMAUS”, and we were able to visit OSSO, our partner institution (organization for orphaned children with severe disabilities), to paint the walls and make the organizations look amazing.

We also would like to ask you to stay tuned for a new project of Giving Smiles that is coming up on the next couple of months. Please keep the smiles of our children close to your hearts, you are making their dreams come true. All of these amazing achievements would not be possible without you!

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