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Daniela is a student at one of our partner organizations. She is mute, has Down Syndrome, and has the most beautiful smile. A few months ago, Daniela lost both of her parents. Now, her brother Nicolás is responsible for her. Nicolás, however, has three children of his own and is struggling to provide for everyone.

Daniela and I were able to communicate through pictures and signs. She giggled when she liked something and hit the table when she didn’t. From our conversation, I learned that her favorite food is pizza and that she loves spending time at the park. Her brother told us that Daniela is extremely happy at school because she likes spending time with the other children. He also said that Daniela gets sad sometimes because she cannot go to extracurricular activities with her friends. Unfortunately, her brother cannot afford to send her to swimming lessons after school.

Thanks to our supporters, Daniela is able to attend a school where she gets the attention and care she needs. Daniela has also been gifted with the opportunity to dream. Her biggest dream is to go to the pool with her friends. With your support, we can fulfill her dream. Together, we will watch her take her first swim, surrounded by the people she loves the most. When you bring joy to children, like Daniela, they gain ambition, inspiration and strength.

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