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D Ellas

D'Ellas is a social project that aims to empower women in the personal, family and economic spheres so that they can move forward and live with dignity.

The Hearts of Gold Foundation wants to promote a culture of work and, with this, give new hope to our beneficiaries by creating social enterprises with them. By creating work opportunities and teaching money saving principles, D´Ellas aims to help our women beneficiaries reintegrate into the workforce and generate their own income.

The first part of this project is the DÉllas Cleaning Service which is a mirco -entrepreneurship project dedicated to training low income women heads of households to offer a reliable and good quality home cleaning service in Cuenca.

D'ellas Cleaning Services has a dual purpose: the first is to empower women in areas such as personal development, cleaning techniques, assertive communication, customer service, administration, and financial education. The second focus is to guarantee economic support and be able to eradicate unemployment and discrimination.

As a pilot result of the project, we have had great achievements, one of the most important being the ability to transform the lives of 20 women over the course of eight months, providing them with continuous training and guaranteeing them employment, which has helped these women become more empowered, confident, and economically independent.
The second D'ellas micro project is our Second hand store, focused on providing clothes and home supplies at an affordable price for vulnerable population.

We aspire to transform the lives of hundreds of women who long for the opportunity for education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to create social enterprises in different areas such as a bakery, gardening, sewing, and crafts. We invite you to help us help, and together be the change in the lives of D'ellas.

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