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Change Makers

Hearts of Gold partners with small non-profit organisations and their community leaders to help them become more sustainable through comprehensive capacity building support

Hearts of Gold works to support, inspire, educate and invest in community leaders and grassroots organizations and their staff through capacity building workshops, dialogue sessions and mentoring programs in person and online with the intention of making their work sustainable, efficient and impactful.

We do this through:
- Workshops
- Dialogue with managers
- Administrative support
- Networking and alliances
- Training and coaching
- Fundraising

Our Capacity Building Workshops focus on:

1.Programs: Encompasses everything that requires strategic planning, structure of mission, vision, values, formulating short, medium and long term performance objectives, new program designs, evaluation and monitoring of activities. Educate and train in leadership challenges.

2. Marketing and communication: In this area we seek that each organization has a marketing plan with the creation and display of communicational materials, that they have internet presence, access to websites, social network profiles, communication strategies and press release.

3.Fundraising and donor management: Provide support in the creation of a fundraising campaign, creating a list of needs and a plan of events, seeking alternative sources of funding, searching for donors and maintaining communication with permanent registration and donor recognition.

4.Volunteer management and administration: The organization must be open to collaborative work, welcome and incorporate the volunteer, assign performance roles, activities, establish meaningful relationships, two-way communication, feedback, provide formal training and create sustainability.

5.Transparency: this area we look for the organization to master the management of governmental and financial reports and have clear accounting, bookkeeping, presentation of documents, financial reports on the management of funds, and financial projections.

6. Self-care and stress management: This area is focused on the importance of knowing how to take care of oneself, with the objective of taking care of one's physical and mental health. In addition to ensuring a good quality of life.

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