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Mírame: A Newly-Launched Women’s Empowerment Project by Hearts of Gold

Mírame is a newly-launched women’s empowerment project backed by Hearts of Gold. Its purpose is to serve Ecuadorian women through professional training opportunities, self-development workshops, and mentorship.

We started Mírame because, through our work with Ecuadorian nonprofits, we realized that 93 percent of our partner organizations  were run by women leaders, many of whom greatly benefited from the mentorship opportunities they were able to access through Hearts of Gold.

While we’re formalizing our women’s empowerment work under this new banner, it doesn’t mean the rest of our work has stopped! Our mission is still the same: to support grassroots nonprofits through our Community Assistance Program (or CAP) to help them serve their communities more effectively.

Mírame will have its own activities and fundraising campaigns, so you’ll always know what you’re contributing to whenever you make a donation. Our most recent campaign for Mírame raised $12,310 from 344 donors — and we couldn’t be more grateful. We’re looking forward to updating you about the many ways these contributions are generating positive change in women’s lives and their communities. The campaign page remains open, so if you missed your change, you can still contribute:

In North America, where many of us are from, it’s common to see professional networks for women, and the encouragement of women in leadership positions or as entrepreneurs. These formal, organized groups function as important support systems as we move to close the gender pay gap, increase the number of women in politics and corporate governance, and prevent sexual harassment at work and elsewhere. With Mírame, we want Ecuadorian women to feel like they have a similar network of support, and we’re working to remove the impediments that hold women back. The world over, feminism has a long way to go, but with Mírame, we hope to replicate some of its successes. We want to support our friends and colleagues as they pursue their dreams, and help them sustain the community initiatives that light their fires. At the same time, we’re raising their profiles as leaders in society, so that the next generation of girls has a cadre of passionate, powerful role models to look up to.

We bring women together who are leading their communities for positive social change!

While the Mírame project works directly with women, we know that the impact of helping 1 woman trickles into her family, community, and young girls who are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Mírame offers dialogue circles which allows women from our communities to reflect on their personal development.

Mírame creates new alliances in the community so that women can find new ways to support each other and work together through mentoring, social events, and educational workshops.

Written by Hearts of Gold Volunteer, Anne Marie Vettorel

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